August, 2015


StrengthCoach Summary – The Evolution of a Strength Coach in 25 years.

Michael Boyle, MS, ATC This year I’ll enter my twenty-fifth year as a strength and conditioning coach. Last month I watched Barbara Walters celebrate her thirtieth year with a special called “30 Mistakes in 30 Years.” I’m going to celebrate my twenty-fifth anniversary by telling you my top twenty-five mistakes. Hopefully I’ll save you some time, pain, and injury. Experience is a wonderful but impatient teacher. And unfortunately, our experiences in strength and conditioning sometimes hurt people besides us. Mistake #1: Knowing it all I love Oscar Wilde’s quote, “I’mRead More

IGXE Review. Best Place to Buy WOW Gold!

IGXE is one of the well known virtual currency seller as of today. They been in this business for 11 years (since 2001) that originates in US and expand in Hongkong and China, though major of their operations resides in China. Customers have mixed opinions when it comes to IGXE they received 2/5 Star in whilst their received a Bronze Award in 2012 Top Ten Reviews. They cater service for more than 70 of the top MMORPG game today. They offers services like in-game currency, sell in-game items, powerleveling,Read More