IncFile.Honest review 2023.

As a budding entrepreneur venturing into your first business, you’ve likely come across IncFile. This emerging business formation service has already made a significant impact, assisting over 750,000 small businesses in their pursuit of growth and success.

IncFile places great emphasis on clarity, offering comprehensive business formation services that cover every aspect of the process. Additionally, they ensure lifetime compliance and prioritize speedy delivery, all of which are just a glimpse of the impressive capabilities that this company possesses.

But will it make a good candidate for you?

Take a moment to delve into our comprehensive review of IncFile, enabling you to make an informed decision for yourself!

History and Reputation on the Market

Let’s kick off our IncFile review by evaluating the company’s reputation, as this is often the initial aspect that individuals tend to explore.

Established in 2004, IncFile is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company’s founders were determined to revolutionize the process of business formation by implementing a streamlined and technologically advanced algorithm, replacing the cumbersome and costly chain of paperwork that was previously the norm.

And they pretty much succeeded.

At present, IncFile proudly boasts a track record of assisting over 500,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses in registering their companies and maintaining good standing with the state.

With an impressive tally of over 25,000 five-star reviews on ShopperApproved, IncFile’s reputation appears to be well-founded. However, when it comes to TrustPilot, the results are more varied, with 43% positive reviews and 52% negative reviews. The negative feedback predominantly revolves around concerns regarding customer service quality and extended wait times.

So, let’s dig deeper and see who is more honest.

Main Features

In the following section of our IncFile LLC review, we will focus on exploring the prominent features that distinguish this formation service from its competitors.

So, what you can expect if you choose Incfile as your formation service: 

  • Swift processing time is a key highlight offered by IncFile. While expedited filing time is an additional service priced at $50, it plays a crucial role in accelerating the business formation process, enabling you to kickstart your company at an earlier stage.

After paying for the expedited service, I liked how quickly my necessary documents were filled and processed.

  • One free year of registered agent service. All the Incfile’s packages include one trial year of their registered agent service. Once the trial has expired, you will have to pay $119/year, which is still lower than most offers on the market.

During my tests, I noticed that Incfile’s trial period was longer than most competing services and their pricing was also competitive.

  • Business banking account setup. Incfile is one of the few business formation services that help with the banking part of business formation. Gold ad Platinum packages help you obtain an EIN, file Form 2553, which qualifies your business as an LLC and provide you with banking resolution, which is essential if you want to get a loan for your business.
  • Electronic delivery and online access to incorporation documents. You can track your filing progress via the convenient online cabinet. And once the state registers your documents, Incfile will send them to your dashboard immediately.

I liked that the dashboard was intuitive during testing and I could access my documents without hassles.

Along with starting an LLC, you can also register an S-corp, C-corp, and a non-profit, and the process will be just as easy and convenient.

Want to know the best part?

To make your user experience with Incfile more pleasant, the company prepared a few unique features, such as:

  • Free business formation in the Silver package. That’s right, you will only need to pay the mandatory state fee, and the Incfile will do the rest by themselves. The company calls it “the courtesy to our clients who deserve to have the best user experience.” Then, after formation, you will only pay for the registered agent once the trial year has passed.
  • Business license search tool. Some businesses, for example, in the agricultural or logistics industry, might need additional permits from the state they operate in. Incfile can save you hours of the bureaucratic nightmare by showing you a list of essential licensing documents in one place. Just enter the state of your business formation and the industry you plan to work in. Then, you only need to obtain the permits from the state departments.

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing-Incfile LLC Service Review


Here comes the most anticipated part of the Incfile review, where we break down the pricing plans and see if they pack any hidden upsells and unnecessary features.

Let’s see what Incfile has to offer. 

Like the majority of business formation services, Incfile has three packages:

  • Silver ($0 + state fees). The cheapest Incfile package includes filing of the Articles of Organization with the state, unlimited name searches, and a trial year of the registered agent. This is a pretty solid place to start, considering that you can purchase additional services, such as Operating Agreement filing or Banking Resolution template if you need to.
  • Gold ($149 + state fees). The most comprehensive Incfile package includes the initial formation documents, business banking account setup and tax consultation, Employer ID number, and convenient online access to the dashboard where all your formation documents are displayed.
  • Platinum ($299 + state fees). The only significant advantage of this package is that it includes the Expedited filing time and things such as business contract templates and legal forms.

So, as you can see, all the packages that Incfile offers you are pretty balanced. They do not contain any hidden fees and leave some room for customization.

Additional Services

Additional Services-Incfile

Generally speaking, you can only add the services listed below to a Silver package, but they make a good purchase if the Gold package seems too expensive for you.

So, here’s what you can get:

  • Employer Identification Number ($70). This is a federal tax ID for your company, and you cannot perform financial operations, pay taxes, or hire employees without it.
  • Operating Agreement ($40). The state doesn’t require an Operating Agreement for the formation pack. Still, this document will significantly help you distribute roles and responsibilities among the members of your LLC.
  • Banking Resolution ($35). This document shows to the bank which members have the authority to open and manage a business bank account. Not all banks require the resolution, but still, it’s better to keep it at hand.
  • Business Contract Templates ($150). This pack contains seller contracts, non-disclosure agreements, annual meeting forms, and many more to make your LLC management easier.
  • Expedited state filing time ($50). Finally, instead of waiting 3-6 business weeks with the standard filing time, you can speed up your business formation with Expedited filing, and Incfile will handle all the errands.

Customer Support

Numerous Incfile LLC reviews mentioned poor customer support from the company, so let’s find out if it’s true.

Incfile has several ways to contact its representatives:

  • via the Client Support Request on their website;
  • via the phone: 1-855-829-9090 (available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST);
  • via the fax: 1-877-919-2613
  • and finally, you can just mail them a letter at 17350 State Highway 249, Suite 220, Houston, TX 77064.

With so many options, there must be no problem with contacting customer support!

Unfortunately, several years ago, the quality of Incfile’s customer support significantly worsened. We’ve tried to contact them via the website form to check this, and they didn’t even read our letter. 

You can get to them by phone, but not on the first try, and the representative is very friendly and helps you with any questions. However, this is not the level of quality you want to expect from a popular business formation service.

Pros and Cons: Overview

The most affordable formation service currently available due to the free Silver packageEven though the Silver package is free, you might still need some additional services, resulting in a higher final price
All packages include one trial year of registered agent service and only $119/year after, which is still one of the lowest price pointsCustomer support is a bit inconsistent
Lifetime company alerts for important deadlinesThe cancellation and refund procedure seems a bit confusing
The straightforward and intuitive formation process
Good track record: more than 27,000 reviews and more than 500,000 businesses formed
Expedited filing helps you cut the waiting time to 3-5 business days, depending on a state
Free 6-minute business tax consultation included in Gold and Platinum package

Who Should Use Incfile?

Now, let’s briefly recap our Incfile LLC review and conclude who will make the most of this service:


While IncFile does have its imperfections, such as challenging accessibility to customer service and a few services that may be considered overpriced, it remains one of the most cost-effective and transparent options for business formation services. With three flexible packages to choose from, you can swiftly establish your LLC with the help of their Expedited filing time, ensuring a seamless process.

Plus, Incfile has a great blog that will help you navigate business management after the LLC formation and organically grow your company.

Now, when you know more about Incfile, will you choose it as your business formation service? Let us know in the comments?

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