October, 2015


Rehab Valuator Software Review – Perfect Tool for Rentals&Flippers

The Rehab Valuator is a real estate investing program that analyzes properties for flipping, wholesaling or renting. The Rehab Valuator is a great tool and the lite version is absolutely free. It helps you estimate repairs, calculate financing costs, figure returns and profits. I am constantly writing about the costs involved in flipping, because so many beginners underestimate them. The rehab Valuator program does a great job of figuring all the costs for you and even figures the 70 percent rule, which many flippers go by. I don’t review manyRead More

Managed Hosting. Why You Need That?

Managed Hosting For today’s business owners, web hosting can become one of the most crucial business decisions. With various options available on the market, managed hosting is one of the most trusted and popular with leaders in business.   A key factor in the attractiveness of managed hosting lies in the pricing. Because the bandwidth needed to operate a website is spread among a group of clients, costs are relatively cheaper. There are a number of companies offering services and bandwidth for economical prices compared to the costs of obtainingRead More