Idevdirect Review

iDevAffiliate Review I am working on a big new project, and one of the key areas is the affiliate management system. As you probably know affiliate marketing is a strong component of most promotional strategies these days, and making sure that you pick the right solution for your needs is vital. After some an extensive online research comparing the bits and bytes of the available solutions, I decided to go with iDevAffiliate, and here is why: 1. Hosted software: There are hosted solutions out there that will handle your affiliate programs onRead More

Software Marketing Manager

Software Marketing Manager A good software marketing manager could make the difference between good and bad business. To define the very concept of software marketing manager it suffices to say that it is a tool program using the web platform; it enables marketing planning by studying market trends and providing analytical reports on various web tendencies and realities. The choice of the elements to be implemented in the campaign belongs to the program user, but as a tool, the software marketing manager provides everything necessary for decision making. The mainRead More

Business Software Marketing

Business Software Marketing Business software marketing seems to be on lots of people’s minds! Computer programs run everything for us in terms of operations and transactions, and in the absence of good intelligent tools, a business can easily fail.Thus, in the context of the unparalleled web development and the toughness of the competition, the design and use of business software marketing programs is a must. We may not know when the first marketing software was created but the constant evolution seems to be beyond any doubt. Increased complexity and hugeRead More

Software Marketing Campaign

Software Marketing Campaign Software marketing campaign assistance represents the most technically advanced way of keeping an online business competitive. There is quite a lot of difference between traditional marketing strategies and online web campaigns, and the gap results from the software applications, the sales specificity and the advertising conditions. The idea is that when you choose a certain program for web campaigns it is very important to check the features. Check for data import and export features, customization fields, contact databases, planning and reporting features and several others. Moreover, analyticsRead More