May, 2021


Detailed Review

Detailed Review Why Buy from a Comparison Site? It’s certainly possible to find the right policy by spending hours and hours researching different carriers and trying to determine who has the best coverage but it takes up a whole lot of time. Plus, you can never really be sure you’re looking at everything. What if you had spent just another hour looking? Would you have found something better? Are people who have used the carrier in the past satisfied with their coverage? How can you be sure you’re making the right decision.Read More

Improv Traffic School Review

Improv Traffic School is a very unique online traffic school course and has been approved in several states as a substitute for classroom-based traffic school. What sets this course apart from the rest is the fact it is owned by the nationwide Improv Comedy Club chain. They coined the term “edutainment” and believe in educating while entertaining. This is accomplished by providing stand-up comedy, cartoons, and including funny images into the traffic school course. They know traffic school is boring, so they make it as least painful and as most entertainingRead More