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I recently started seeing the Book VIP promotions pop up on facebook at some pretty unbelievable prices and I wanted to see what all of the buzz (good and bad) was about. So, I started looking into the promotions a little deeper and this is what I found.

Take for example the current special that I recently posted about – Spend 4 days and 3 Nights in a luxury studio with a kitchenette At The Beautiful Westgate Town Center In Orlando, With A $100 Dining Voucher Included, 2 waterpark passes, enjoy 14 pools and mini gold For Only $99! Best of all – you are 1 mile away from Disney World!

A pretty unbelieve deal, right? I mean these savings could potentially keep your Disney World trip in a budget friendly range, which is just what we are looking for. But there has to be fine print – who gets a hotel room one mile away from Disney World for $33 a night? No one! Well….maybe you can?

I started to read the fine print – yes there is fine print – or “the catch” – there always is one with an unbelievable deal – as some would say – too good to be true. But to the budget friendly travel, these “catches” might just save you some major money, and who knows you may just purchase that time-share you never knew you needed.

So here it goes – with this awesome deal at The Westgate we have the following make or break terms and conditions:

• Besides meeting the qualifications and attending the 90-minute resort preview, there are no other obligations. Primary Travelers must meet the Resort`s Qualifications below:

  • Group Travel: The resort is offering this first-time visitor promotion and will honor only one package per family, friends, acquaintances or known groups traveling on the same, similar and/or adjoining arrival and departure dates.

• Credit Card – you must have one – no exceptions.

• Presentation – Attendance to a 90-minute resort preview at Westgate Lakes is required.
You are not eligible if you have previously attended a presentation at Westgate Lakes. It is alos noted that you must tour with spouse/fiance/significant other/life partner if married/engaged/cohabitating.

• Age – for this special you must be between the ages of 30 to 65 if single and 28 to 68 if married.

 Income – you must have a Minimum $50,000 USD Annual Income if married, and $75,000 if single.

• Must not be in the process of bankruptcy. Must be employed full time – part time employment does not qualify, however, retirees that meet other qualifications are accepted.

There are of course a few more terms and conditions as I wanted to touch base on the biggies that really stood out to me.

Orlando Vacation Package

In a nutshell – you have to meet the resorts eligibility criteria to take a “preview of the resort” – also known as a time-share presentation, in order to book your reservation and get the promotional rate. They want to know that you are essentially pre-qualified for their resort opportunities.

So……is it worth it?? Yes and no. Yes, if for one you are the budget minded individual, such as myself, whom is willing to spare a few hours to save a few hundred dollars on an awesome vacation. No – if what I just said turned your stomach, or caused you to flinch in anyway. That’s the great thing about booking travel, it is totally up to you. While reading reviews, I came across a lot of positive and negatives. The number 1 reason for the negative reviews is that the fine print was missed.

SO please…if you are booking…always read the fine print.

If you are open to taking a preview of a resort for a pretty awesome savings – take a look here at Bookvip’s current specials.  BookVIP’s Weekly Deals

If sitting in a presentation is not your cup of tea – contact us and we will gladly assist with your travel needs.

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