Wishloop Review

If you want to build your email list and engage with visitors to your site, Wishloop is for you.

It comprises four main components called Amplify, Engage, Capture and Share. These create full screen calls to action, pop-ups, landing pages and calls to action on shared links.

The unique step process used in the software allows you to easily segment your subscribers as they come into your system.

As someone who has been using Wishloop for three years I can confirm its effectiveness and reliability.

 Wishloop Review of Main Components

1. Amplify
Amplify is a full screen call to action and an ideal attention grabber. This is especially useful as it allows you to show off your special deals, highlight a lead magnet for a subscription, offer time limited deals and many other variants.

There is a wide selection of templates available for your use or for you modify them to fit your requirements. This is the real beauty of Wishloop. You can create something tailored exactly for you.

2. Engage

Engage is what you would expect of the more traditional popups. But that’s only the beginning.
It is the versatility of where and when the popups appear that really sets this in a class of its own.

You can specify which pages(s) the popup shows on and to who gets to see it. Then you can specify when it appears a choice of after x seconds, on exit content, on page close, scrolling and my favourite, manual. With manual you can have a popup appear as the mouse rolls over a button or an image of your choice.

Again there’s a bundle of templates to choose from and you can see some examples. The opacity of the templates is variable so you can choose to make it look like a traditional popup or have the background obscure the page behind it.

Some of the templates are multi-step but again the versatility of the system allows you add as many steps as you want. The use of the multi-step lets you get “mini commitments” from potential subscribers.

So instead of a “subscribe here” popup, you could have a “see our special offers” which is an easy first click then allows you to lead the prospect into your funnel.

3. Capture

Capture is where you make your landing pages, which can be as simple or as complicated as you want.  Using the Wishloop plugin (if you’re a WordPress user) you can add the landing page to your site rather redirecting to the Wishloop page.  Html users can do it via code. This provides a natural looking link.

As you would expect there is a wide choice of templates in the software.  Once you’ve directed prospects to your landing page from you blog, ad, Facebook post or wherever this is where you can easily segment your subscribers. Only your imagination limits you. Below is a landing page I quickly created

Clicking on Beginner, Intermediate or Experienced leads to different versions of the page below, but each has a different tagwhen they enter the autoresponder list. This allows much more effective communications to the subscribers by pitching the correct level of content.

See examples of the Amplify,Engage and Capture on my Wishloop YouTube Playlist

4. Share/iQueue

In any Wishloop review we have consider the Share/iQueue option. This  allows you to add a call to action to links you share.  This seems to work by creating a copy of the relevant page/post with your call to action appearing after a specified period. If the viewer closes your call to action, they then see the “real” page/post.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work with every site. The large multinational sites such as CBS etc seem to have added coding to their sites to prevent this. However it works most of the time and is a very useful lead generator.

Within Wishloop you can schedule posting of these items to your social accounts. It is a handy schedule you can set up well in advance.

Email Integrations

Wishloop lets you integrate your lead generation with your email marketing service.

There’s a wide range of the most popular options.

The beauty of the integrated service is the ease with which you can choose the right list from from your selection.

Even if you’re not using one on the list you can manually link up your service via html.

[Insert image of lists]

This makes it simplicity itself to direct your subscribers to the correct list

Mailchimp         Get Response        A Weber       Active Campaign        Campaign Monitor

Constant Contact        iContact         Sendlane      Arp reach

Other Integrations – in addition to the above you also have an ever increasing list of other useful integrations.

Clever Messenger     Zapier           Linkedin            e-goi        Mad Mimi          Youzign

Webinarjeo          Demio         Klaviyo         Webinarjam     Ever Webinar     Infusionsoft

Audience segmentation.

How often do you receive an email pitching a product that’s not relevant to you or far too advanced for you?

Too often I bet. That same might apply to the emails you send to your subscribers.

Not only is it a waste of time and money but people get fed up with ”rubbish” emails and quietly unsubscribe.

How do you avoid it?

With Wishloop, you segment your subscribers as they join your list, so you can pitch the appropriate level of offers. See Capture above for an example of a segmentation landing page.

Even when they’re on your list you can selectively choose which popups they see based on past behaviour.

Dynamic keyword insertion for PPC campaigns

Who Uses Wishloop?

1) Internet Marketers

If you’re involved in Internet Marketing, Wishloop is something you’ve got to add to your toolbox.

For years I resisted investing in good conversion software. I tried all the cheapskate offers that come up with monotonous regularity.

Most were unbelievably buggy, some were plugins that crashed my sites, others never really worked and if they did, it wasn’t for long

One thing I’ve learned is that there are certain things you can’t skimp on. One of these is your conversion software.

However you don’t have to break the bank with a $2000+ per annum type service.

Wishloop offers a cost effective, incredibly versatile customer attraction and lead capture package.

AND you DON’T have to be a techy geek to operate it.

It’s pretty much all drag’n’drop and very intuitive. And as you get used to it you’ll discover a host of “wow” tools that will really help you improve your conversion ratios.

2) Running A Small Business?

For those running small businesses Wishloop allows you to present your offers and products with a level of professionalism that’s quite outstanding.

You can tinker with it as much as you want or if you want “set and forget” you can do that as well.

3) Ecommerce

If ecommerce is your bag Wishloop integrates with Shopify.

All you have to do is install the lightweight plugin and you can embed your products or buy buttons right into your popups or pages.

Wishloop Main Features

All The Tools In One Place

The most common phrase that pops up when users are asked why they like Wishloop is “all the tools are in one place”.

If you’ve ever tried to manually integrate landing pages, popups, autoresponders, contact forms you’ll know what a pain it can be and how many tries it takes to get it right.

With Wishloop everything is under one umbrella.

You can create, integrate, monitor and modify all in the same software suite.

You’ll be amazed how quickly you can create landing pages, popups etc.

Easy To Use

You need to know nothing, zero, zilch about coding or programming to use Wishloop.

If you can drag’n’drop you can build everything you need on Wishloop.

When it comes to integrating your email marketing service all you have to do is add your API details (available from your provider) and you’ll see a drop down of all your lists. Just select which you one you want.


Wishloop offers hundreds of professional  high converting templates covering everything from promotions, email collection, webinars, polls, competitions etc.

You can use these as they come or easily customise them to get an exact match with your audience.

Or you can start from scratch and build your own!

Campaign Monitoring

The easy to use Wishloop dashboard gives you real time monitoring of the performance of your campaigns

Identify and scale your successful campaigns with ease.

Enjoy the benefits of seamless split testing.

Duplicate and continually improve your winning campaigns with a single click.

Simple campaign management

Manage all your marketing campaigns across multiple domains from 1 central location

Smarter interactions

Engage customers based on their actions. Time your delivery to perfection by choosing exactly what behaviour someone should exhibit before they see your message.

Audience Segmentation

Instantly segment and target audiences (returning visitors / first time visitors / particular referring sources) with different, optimised marketing messages.

Using the multistep campaigns you can gain mini commitments and get your subscribers to segment themselves into the appropriate categories.

What Do Users Say About Wishloop?

To Summarise My Wishloop Review

Wishloop is an excellent software suite to help you automate your interactions and lead captures. It’s ultra easy to use and delivers top quality landing pages and calls to action. The support is excellent as I have discovered over the last three years.

The prices are very competitive, although if starting I would avoid the iQueue option, which at $37pm seems a lot for what you get. The current actions package at $47pm is very competitive and I think represents excellent value. But that’s one for you to decide.

Having all these tools in one place is the clincher for me. If you enjoyed this Wishloop review please feel free to comment below.

For a FREE 7 Day Trial of Wishloop click this link https://wishloopsecrets.com/7-day

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