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Platforms:Web, MessengerEase of use:★ ★ ★ ★Intelligence potential:★ ★ ★Value for money:★ ★ ★

Landbot is unique in several respects. It is the only platform that primarily targets the web, although Messenger is available on the paid plans. The idea is that people interact with your website via only a conversational interface designed in Landbot.

It is also unique in being the only bot design interface to make use of the idea of connecting components by drawing lines between them.

This makes for a very intuitive method of designing bots, although as with other styles of bot design, once the flow becomes complex, it is still hard to design the perfect user experience.

There is something satisfying about the end product – perhaps it is the little animations that highlight the user interface interactions, perhaps it is the gaudy default colour scheme gradients that fill the screen, but overall it feels like it has been very carefully and lovingly designed.

Landbot has the following pricing structure:

  • A free plan limited to 100 chats per month
  • €20 per month for unlimited chats and Messenger integration
  • €50 per month to remove the Landbot branding, allow human takeover and integrate webhooks
  • €130 per month to allow access to callbacks and the messages API

Update: I had a report from a reader that is a paying a Landbot user. They told me that Landbot support was not great. The user wanted to make use of the Javascript integration and needed help with getting it to work, as the documentation did not go into enough detail. Landbot support were not very helpful. I even tried contacting them through Twitter to find out what was going on, but even this did not seem to help. Therefore, tread with caution! I have knocked a few stars off the ratings until I hear that this issue has improved.

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