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With a booming economy and growing optimism among American consumers, the U.S. has certainly become the best place in the world for aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow a business. One such example is the story of Sergio Abi-Naked and Dirk Abinakad, owners of Simply Carbon Fiber, who have taken full advantage of the Land of Opportunity after moving to the U.S, from Lebanon.

With persistent hard work and tenacious determination, the duo successfully developed an exclusive brand that sells carbon fiber accessories to consumers across the globe. Their collection of accessories, ranging from shock-proof “armor” iPhone cases to highly-durable sunglasses and watches, is crafted from the same 100 percent real carbon fiber found on the world’s most luxurious supercars. Moreover, everything is designed and shipped (proudly) from the U.S.

Sergio moved to America when he was just 3 years old, while Dirk made his journey when he was 9 years old. The two young businessmen believe America was the ideal place to successfully start a business and grow it freely with little regulation or restrictive laws.

“Our families came to America for a better future and to live in a more stable country. Other countries have very strict rules and laws on working or collaborating with other businesses,” Dirk told Red Alert Politics. “It was also very hard to obtain business ratings or reviews, and thankfully business information is much more accessible in America.

After Sergio made an initial investment with the last $300 of his bank account, he and Dirk started the company in 2014 using eBay and Dirk’s large Instagram presence, which has more than 500,000 followers. The two had the idea of starting something together and “making it big.”

“From then on, Dirk and I invested every single penny into the company and recycled earnings that we made. We invested everything back into the company and now we have 60 products that’s growing to 120 by the end of this year,” Sergio said in a phone interview with Red Alert Politics.

Three and a half years later, their $300 investment and efforts have paid off. Now, they’re shipping products to countries across the globe.

Starting a business from scratch is an extremely challenging task that few can fully comprehend. Establishing Simply Carbon Fiber was not a walk in the park, but Sergio and Dirk were up for the challenge. Initial struggles for the partners, like most entrepreneurs, included growing their customer base, increasing sales, and finding their niche in the marketplace.

“We didn’t know which direction to take our brand in, but over time we figured out that we’re not just a random company selling carbon fiber products with no brand on them. We know now that we are a unique carbon fiber accessories company with an established brand that sells products worldwide,” Dirk explained.

In 2014, Simply Carbon Fiber started off by selling a single money clip. It was so successful that a myriad of other companies began copying the design with the intention of making a profit on the product that the Sergio and Dirk initially created – a shady yet sadly uncommon business tactic.

“Other companies tried to steal our design, so we decided to step away from the things everyone is trying to sell and create our own things that people can’t replicate,” Dirk said. “When we started taking the brand in that direction, the vision became clear about where we want to take Simply Carbon Fiber, how we present our brand to people, and who we want our customers to be.”

“The designs come from our own visions, and we have a designer that then creates the product’s rendering in 3D CAD. All the designs are started by Dirk and I sitting down with a pencil and paper and talking about what we want to create,” Sergio noted. “Lots of folks promised us something and simply did not deliver.”

They’ve made it work, though, and have some advice for millennials planning to start their own business.

“Always do your research on who you’re doing business with, and don’t jump the gun on things you can’t afford in the given moment. Just because another company is doing something doesn’t mean you have to. Go at your own pace and try not to compare yourself to other companies,” Sergio explained.

Dirk added, “Be innovative, be different, and find your own lane. Create a business you’re able to work for 24/7, including when you’re at a friend’s wedding and have orders coming in. Be motivated by the business you’re doing so that whenever you’re working, you don’t have to actually think that you’re working.”

The two have recently taken advantage of the high demand for sunglasses and watches and are creating new, highly-durable products at an affordable price, with a brand-new sunglasses line to be announced before July and “a few other surprise collections coming out before Christmas time that will make perfect gifts.”

For now, Sergio is focused on “growing [the] company like a family, adding more and more value to our customers each year.”

But the company has bigger dreams for its future.

“We would eventually like to get into selling larger products,” Dirk explained. “Our main goal down the road, you never know, maybe a fully carbon fiber vehicle or helicopter.”

Simply Carbon Fiber realizes that, in America, anything is possible. In just three and half years, they have realized and embraced the American Dream.

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