Frog Hollow Farm Review

Farm stands are piled high with the perfect argument for not buying most supermarket peaches. So why even consider the organic fruit from Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, Calif.? Because the farm ships its big, handsome peaches unblemished and ready to savor, dripping with rich juice. Unlike many farm-stand peaches, these have their skins brushed to be less fuzzy. And they include unusual varieties. Cal Reds, weighing 6 to 7 ounces each, are ready now. The skin deepens to burgundy, and within, the golden, fairly firm, satiny flesh is sweet but trimmed with tartness. They are excellent to halve and grill, to slice atop a tart or to serve plain with a glass of prosecco. The Cal Reds will be finished in about 10 days, but the harvest continues into mid-September with giant Summersets and juicy Autumn Flames.

Frog Hollow Farm Cal Red peaches are $28 for six, $38 for a dozen, plus shipping, from, (888) 779-4511.

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