Fanslave – User Review

There is hardly any information about the creators of Fanslave, other than it is owned by the SEO Research Group: ITT Corporation, based out of Florida, USA

Brief Explanation of Product/Program:
Fanslave is a marketing strategy designed to increase the number of fans to your business Facebook fan pages. If you’re looking to drive more traffic for free by using Facebook, this is the product for you. Facebook hundreds of millions of users and creating fan pages is a great way to get your business out there and form customers.

By creating fan pages, you won’t have to mess with search-engine-optimization, back linking, blog posts, or any of that stuff. You won’t need to invest tons of money in pay-per-click ads, or buying ad-spots.You’ll be able to connect a lot more efficiently with people who are looking for the type of product you’re promoting by using Fanslave. Plus, your fan page can go viral and get thousands of followers that turn into customers.

100 Credits = 0.5 EUR

To like a page in Facebook, gain 3 – 4 credits per pages, that is 0.015 – 0.02 EUR.
To follow in Twitter, gain 1.5 – 2.5 credits each, that is  0.0075 – 0.0125 EUR.

Affiliate Program

Refer new users for fanSlave and earn money. Just send the following link to your friends, or use this link on your website. Every user who registers at fanSlave by clicking this link is assigned to you.

Lifetime-Commission: 15%

You earn money when users earn or buy credits at fanSlave.

You refer two new users. The first user earns 10000 credits at fanSlave. You will receive 1500 credits as commission.

The second user buys 100000 Credits. You will receive 15000 as commission.

Overall, you get 16500 credits. This corresponds to 82.50 EUR!


New: Get commission by referring resellers

If you refer a reseller, you will get a lifetime-commission (1,5%) for all customers / users the reseller refers.

Minimum Pay out is 15 EUR via Alertpay or Paypal.

There is a limitation that only 10 like and 10 follow within 18 hours. Hence, without referral, each day can earn around 40 credits.  That means 15/ ( 40/ 100 * 0.5)  = 75 days can help you get 15 EUR, seems not bad! But don’t worry!! When you start making referrals your point will increase and you will start to get more and more likes and follows.


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